LARIMAR is a cultural space, with an Art Gallery format, where diverse fits into a physical and virtual portal. It was established in 2017 to enrich the range of galleries in Oaxaca, southern Mexico. It is a place of networks to exhibit works by well-known plastic artists, as well as emerging artists, of any nationality. Forum to promote programs that stimulate creative activity and environmental sustainability, as an alternative option. The basic objectives of LARIMAR are:

  1. Constitute a space to exhibit plastic arts: Painting, Engraving, Sculpture, Photography as well as crafts.

  2. Create a forum for interlocution between creators, where they come in contact with the public through talks, interviews and workshops.

  3. Provide an integrating site for production, learning and reflection, through courses, talks, conferences and recitals.

  4. Offer editorial services, creative design proposals and communication.

  5. Promote an awareness of the relationship of the individual with nature,

    which seeks a Sustainable Environment.


The name of LARIMAR is inspired by a semiprecious stone of the Caribbean, whose coloration is a range that contains white, light blue, blue green and deep blue. The singularity of the blue LARIMAR is similar to the sky of Oaxaca and the luminosity of the environment, from which tit is nurtured he pleiad of plastic artists, that proliferate in the entity.