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1 DECEMBER 2019 - 9 JANUARY 2020

Larimar Art Gallery | Oaxaca de Juárez, México

OAXACA, POÉTICA VISUAL, with photographs by BLANCA CHAROLET and ROSARIO CAMUS, was initially presented in Barcelona, ​​Spain and, later, at the LARIMAR headquarters in Oaxaca, where authors created an unprecedented conception of two themes that are part of everyday life, in the southern city of Oaxaca.

From the agave or maguey [plant native to Mexico and Central America, from which mezcal is obtained, the typical Oaxacan drink] CHAROLET developed a suggestive discourse of images, with an intrinsic sequence. The second series is a particular CAMUS conception of some ingredients that are part of the food diet of Oaxacan families.

The singular interpretation manifested in the 14 images on display is indicative of the subjectivity of looking, where photography, as a support, defies the imagination. The visual language, which although it is consistent, escapes to the obvious, so it invites us to look carefully at each work. The game of the maguey espadín seems like an erotic fantasy, with rhythm in its sequence. The gastronomic products would seem surreptitious, inducing the imaginary to find its true representation


some works
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