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Larimar Art Gallery | Oaxaca de Juárez, México

I paint the usual, the minutiae that are in my daily and domestic environment ... There is a foliate warm atmosphere in my backgrounds, which endorses me as something organic, alive, capable of understanding me with my plants, my dogs and my furniture.

But, above all, I paint my visions as a couple, the one that is shared and parted, and unites again to achieve the intimate rush of painful and happy survival, that syncretism that over time amalgamates and behaves as the same essence. There, in painting, I express loving, painful, ironic games, although in most representations the masculine element underlies the ethereal force of women, all of them firm and grandiose.

As will be seen, I attend small groups of the same technique, that is, jump from acrylic on canvas to on mdf; from drawing in watercolors and charcoal to oil and tempera on canvas; These sets have few elements, since it is essential for me to patent my moods, my sensitivity to different materials, just as I do with different days; Rather than formalizing the continuity of a single thematic and technical project, I prefer the richness of the emotional points of everyday life.
Here is a sample of what lately I am pleased to paint, only what I look and want.

— Didier López Carpio


some works
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