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MARCH 1-30 | 2018

Larimar Art Gallery | Oaxaca de Juárez, México

Between 1981 and 2015 Yvan LaFontaine made a series of works on concepts such as reflection, mirror, showcase and water, which appear in the exhibition "Windows and Looks" that the Gallery LARIMAR is pleased to present during March 2018. His creative work developed from various photographic materials taken from multiple contexts. For this, he used computer techniques that allowed him to import, treat and gather these materials, in order to give them a new meaning. The superpositions of the shapes and colors give a depth to this new figuration. Recreated places visited, those where it happened and also returned to see the same windows, but with different looks. The result is perceived in new works, in the expression of an uncertain world that the artist presents as reality. These are fragments of your memory and questions about time and places. Yvan LaFontaine —Engraver, Painter, Infographer, Master of Plastic Arts, of Canadian origin— creates his own mythology and tells us: "with it I learn more about myself and about others".



some works
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